An oratorio by Jeremy Harmer and Phil Toms


Island is a 45-minute oratorio for children and adult choruses, child and adult soloists, a narrator and a symphony orchestra. It was commissioned by Ely Sinfonia and written by Jeremy Harmer and Phil Toms. It is designed to be great fun (despite the very sad bits) for everyone, children and adults alike, but especially children.

Island deals with themes of conflict, friendship, conflict resolution, and the increasing scarcity of the planet’s resources. It is designed for children to sing and enjoy, and to provide fertile ground for workshops on these themes with schoolchildren everywhere.

The story of Island – in turns amusing, dramatic, sad and joyful – is written in an approachable style and the songs and other music in the work are composed in genres which are instantly likeable and, more important, immediately accessible and memorable.

Island is available for full chorus, soloists and orchestra. It is also available for a smaller chamber ensemble, in piano reduction, or as a sound file for use in individual schools. Click here to enquire about performing Island (music hire, audio hire etc)